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About The Great Pyrenees Connection 

The Great Pyrenees Connection website was first built in 1995 when information on the Internet about our beloved breed was rare to find.
In that time there was one exceptional website with all kind of Great Pyrenees knowledge: "The Great Pyrenees" home page by Jeff Glover. Sadly enough he shut down the site some years ago. But I have learned a lot from his site.
I started the Great Pyrenees Connection from a different point of view with the aim to connect the Pyr people around the world and provide information and knowledge for the Great Pyrenees fancier.
I will build up a collection of resources which may be interesting and usefull for you. Covering the widest aspects of this wonderfull breed.


Please bare in mind that English is not my native language. Please try not to be bothered by mistakes. Although I have done my best to avoid them, I am sure there will be some misspelled words and rare built sentences. 

I will continue to build up the content on the different pages, so come back to see the progress. If you have interesting information, links and photographs you want to share, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Among other things at this site, you will find some pictures and interesting articles from the International Journal of Pyrenean Dogs  which was published in the years 1985 - 1989 by Frans Dekkers from Best, The Netherlands. He is a breeder of Great Pyrenees, his registered Kennelname is "du Grand Patou" but he stopped breeding several years ago.
Mr. Dekkers was so kind to give permission for using articles and pictures on this Web Site, because there are no back issues of his magazine available anymore and in this way we can share some interesting stories and pictures from the past with all other Pyr Fanciers

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in HOLLAND
before and after the 1940-45 war

by Frans Deckers

Great Pyrenees Aaron
© U. Hock-Henschke