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Great Pyrenees Club of The Netherlands - National Specialty 2010 - Video
duration appr. 50 minutes


Great Pyrenees Club of The Netherlands - National Specialty 2009 - Video
duration appr. 50 minutes



Great Pyrenees Breed Club of Danmark, National Specialty 1994, Balslev
Judge: Robert Pollet from Belgium
classes on the video:
Baby Dog & Bitches, Puppy Dog & Bitches, Champion Class Dogs,
Junior Class Dogs, Intermediate Class Dogs, Open Class Dogs and
some impressions from the show ground. Duration appr. 40 minutes.

Many thanks to Tove Hejlskov, kennel "Pyr Eclaire" , T.& B Larsen, kennel "Ivanhoe",
Lene Nielsen, kennel "Sandybear" all from Danmark, for providing me with the information about the classes and show results.


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