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Let's see what is new here.........................

Wednesday the 1st of October 2008 is the official "Birthday" of the Great Pyrenees Connection's New Look.

The design is completely new, just in case the frequent visitor of the GPC did not notice it  

Most of the old content has been kept. But some new things are added, so far:

New additions:
October 1st 2008: October 3rd 2008:
October 4th 2008:


October 29th 2008: November 2nd 2008:
February 15th 2009: February 27th 2009:
  • Added new shopping links
August 30th 2009: October 30th 2009:
  • VIDEO: Dutch National Specialty 2009
November 29th 2009: October 2010:
  • VIDEO: Dutch National Specialty 2010
March 2011:  

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